e-RAILSAFE streamlines safety orientation, background screening, credentialing and tracking of railroad contractors and their employees:

1. applicant/employees: Click here to learn more if you are an applicant/employee of a railroad contractor.

2. Contractors: Click here to learn more if you are an administrator for a railroad contractor.

3. Railroads: Click here to learn more if you are an administrator of a railroad.

4. The Screening Criteria: Click here to learn more

5.Denials/Appeals: Click here to learn more if you are an applicant/employee seeking to appeal a denial decision.

6. Recertification: Click here to learn more about recertifying your organization  as mandated by  the participating  railroads of e-RAILSAFE.


CSX Joins the e-RAILSAFE Program


e-RAILSAFE was developed by U.S. & Canadian railroads in partnership with

For more information call:

Welcome Applicant/Employee

Welcome to the new railroad contractor screening program--e-RAILSAFE. If you are an applicant/employee of a railroad contractor, you are at the right place!

Clicking the Applicant/Employee tab above will allow you to enter the login page, provided you have your company's e-RAILSAFE account number. Your information must be entered into the system by your employer before you may enter the actual applicant/employee site.

With e-RAILSAFE, you can...

  • Receive your railroad safety and security awareness training

  • Take the required safety and security awareness tests

  • Generate the agreed-upon background check

  • Prompt the creation of your ID badge (which will allow you on railroad property as an employee of your railroad contractor)

You need the following...

  • Your company's e-RAILSAFE account number

  • Your social security number

Please click on the Applicant/Employee tab above to reach the login page.

Please note that a background investigation will be generated upon completion of the training/testing portion of e-RAILSAFE. You should have received, read, and signed a consent form from your employer, agreeing to this investigation. Please be aware the railroad(s) you contract for will be responsible for the decision of access onto their property based upon your background check results.


Thank you for visiting e-RAILSAFE.

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